About Apparatus "BIOL"

BIOL therapy apparatus. Clinical trials, Ukraine 2009

At the request of the Department of Regulatory Policy in the Sphere of Medication and Medical Products in Health System No. 18.2ВМ - 2493/н dated August 26, 2009, clinical trial has been performed for a medical-purpose product LOW INTENSITY MICROWAVE AND DECIMETER WAVE THERAPY APPARATUS “BIOL” as per specification ТУ У 33.1-22716816-002:2009, manufactured by “Biopromin” Ltd (Ukraine).

BIOL therapy for oncological patients. Clinical trials, Hungary 2011

Company "TATAI MED" (Hungary) has carried out their own trials of the device BIOL in January 2011 for the patients with oncological diseases.

BIOL therapy for patients with cancer. Clinical Trials, Slovenia 2011

The trials of BIOL usage for oncological patients treatment were performed by the Inovacijski Center LUSI d.o.o, Dr.Ewgwni Awerbuch

BIOL usage. Recommendations and Contraindications

Low intensity Microwave and Decimetre wave Therapy by the device BIOL has got several recommendations and contraindications for usage. They should be read carefully prior to treatment.

Using BIOL in the treatment of some oncological diseases

As it is followed from our previous experience and clinical trials, the device BIOL can be used for treatment of some oncological diseases.

Several recommendations for usage were determined during practical application of the device BIOL by different clinicians in different countries.

Main points, which were determined on the basis of different trials, are summarized here...

BIOL application. Procedure of working

In technical terms, the modes differ only due to the composition of frequency groups, which are being used. The preparation of the device for a work and device’s operation procedure are the same for both modes. 

Functional test for BIOL

Generally, functional test is carried out automaticaly during switching on of the apparatus.

General safety rules for BIOL

There are several requirements for the safety work and maintenance of the device BIOL ...

BIOL. Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of the device BIOL are the following:

Operating principle of the device BIOL

BIOL allows using two operating modes: “Therapy”, “Rehabilitation". The mode “Preparing” is activated automatically, when the device start working.


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